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The two sides of the 59 agreement shows: photovoltaic industry outlook is very bright


Solarbe (soapy) photovoltaic network: 
 Local time on October 21, Xi Jinping's visit to England ,the next day, China and Britain announced a series of cooperation agreements and consensus.The most eye-catching is undoubtedly a total investment of up to 180 billion pounds of Hinkley point nuclear power plant project, this is our country enterprise firstly leading development and construction in the western countries nuclear power projects. According to the Xinhua News Agency yesterday released the 59 agreement, consensus on the list, the reporter found out, the economic and trade agreements covering a wide range industries, including the creative industry, retail, energy, health and science and technology, financial services, aerospace and education and other fields. 

The most concerned  is the field of energy in terms of the signing of the agreement, the summary should be enjoyed carefully, so please reading it right now. 

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